Hey there, mama. As an exclusively pumping mom, I often have to take my breast pump and bag along with me. We recently took our kids to the zoo and were gone for about six hours. I am currently pumping every three(ish) hours so it was definitely a necessity for me to take my breast pump bag with me. 

I shared on my YouTube channel all the things I am currently packing in my breast pump bag. You can watch the video or keep reading for exactly what to pack in your breast pump bag.

I use the Motif Luna breast pump and thus am using the motif breast pump bag. It has a front zippered storage pocket with bottle sleeves and a mesh pocket, two side pockets, a main opening, and a zippered opening to the main bag on the back so there is plenty of storage for pump parts and other pumping essentials.  

Some of the things I keep in my pump bag are milk storage bags, hand sanitizer, a breast milk chiller and a nursing cover. I also keep a car adapter on hand in the event I need to pump while in the car. You can also invest in a portable battery to make your breast pump portable. Motif Luna actually now offers a battery operated pump which makes it easier for pumping mamas to pump on the go. There are other portable pumps such as the Willow, Freemie, and Elvie. These are all great options for moms who don’t want to be tied to the plug!

Whether you are exclusively pumping or working outside of the home and needed to pump just while you are away, a well stocked pump bag is key.

There have been times when I have forgotten something so I made myself a simple checklist in order to make sure I never forget any of the things I need with me.

You can grab my free pump bag checklist below!

What are some of your must haves? Share in the comments what to pack in your breast pump bag.