Homeschooling and working from home will seemingly be going hand in hand for the 2020-2021 school year in many households. Parents are often finding themselves preparing to be teachers and attempt to keep working at the same time. I know for me, I have a ton on my plate yet I am diving back into homeschool for the safety of my children.

Whether you are doing virtual school or homeschool, I have some tips to help you learn how to work from home and homeschool. No, not every day will be perfect but you can learn how to make the best of the situation that many of us are going through right now.

I previously homeschooled my children for a few years before they attended public school so I am familiar with the transition between the two. Homeschooling on its own can be a feat so adding in having to work from home in the mix can cause stress and angst between you and your family.

I recently shared on the hey there, mama podcast, 6 tips to help you maneuver these uncharted waters of homeschool and working from home.

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how to work from home and homeschool
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