If you’ve been a mom for a week or 20 years, you know mom burnout is very real. 2020 has been a year of ups and downs so far and many of us have taken on a lot more than ever since being in quarantine and mom burnout is bound to happen to some of us. So how do you deal with that?

I am sharing 3 ways to deal with mom burnout, revive your outlook on motherhood, and how to prioritize self care as a busy mom.

1. Make Time for Yourself

We say we will do this but very few of us really do. Making time for yourself should be on your priority list every week. Even if it isn’t every day (because, let’s be realistic), do it as often as you are able.

If you have to schedule it in, do that. Whatever will make it work for you. I love to use my planner for everything; even small things. One of the ways I like to organize my day is using time blocking. So what better way to make sure you are getting time in than blocking off time for it each week.

Make sure everyone is aware that this your “me-time” to limit any interruptions. And I am not saying you have to block off two hours and lock your bedroom door, but maybe it’s getting in a bubble bath on Sunday evenings or cooking YOUR favorite meal on Wednesdays and enjoying it out on the porch. Whatever it looks like for you, making that time for yourself is essential to preventing mom burnout. I especially have to now that I am homeschooling. If I don’t plan to make the time for myself, I won’t make it happen.

how to prioritize self care as a busy mom

2. Have a Routine.

This is another way that planner can come in handy! Having a routine isn’t only good for you, but for your family too. Everything runs a whole lot smoother when there is a solid routine in place. Utilize chore charts or family schedule to keep everyone on the same page to prevent chaos at home. Have the kids get up, get ready for the day and have breakfast every morning at the same time to start the day off right.

You can find some great charts where kids can even check off what they have done. This gives them confidence and independence while giving you some peace and less stress each day. Here is one of my favorites for toddlers and one for older kids.

3. Get Out of the House

So this would have been my main tip, especially for stay at home and work at home moms, before the pandemic. You can still get out of the house by going for walks, to parks, etc. Looking at the same walls day in and day out can have an affect on you. I remember when I  used to operate a home daycare; I barely got out of the house. My last child left at 6 than I had to make dinner for my own family and get the kids to bed each night after doing homework. It was A LOT! The only time I left the house was to get groceries. Don’t be like me! Do things you enjoy outside of the house when you get the opportunity.

Mom burnout is real, especially with all that is going on around us. Make sure you are doing your best to prioritize your self care so you can continue to be the best mom you can be.