Being a busy mom of three, one thing that seems to take over much of my day are household chores. I have been searching for the best way to help me get things done around the house in a timely manner so it doesn’t take away from the time with my kids.

After trying a few different methods, I have found exactly how to prevent household chore overwhelm.

Make a Daily Chore List First

The first thing I did was write down everything I needed to do each day, no matter what. For me, those things were:

  • Make the bed

  • Sweep the floors (we have all hardwood throughout the house)

  • Water plants

  • Dishes

  • Clean the sink

  • 1 load of laundry

This helps create a routine and habit so I am not wondering what things I need to do. Your list will probably look different. It’s all about knowing what are priorities to you when it comes to daily chores.

I assign some of these daily chores to the kids as well and that really helps prevent household chores from becoming a lot for me to handle.

Create a Weekly Chore List By Rooms

I found that assigning certain rooms for each day really helped me tackle everything in the house in a cycle.

For example, Mondays are for bathrooms and Wednesdays I do the living room. I do not work on any other space but the one on my list for that day, no matter what mess I might see.

Time with my family is much more important and having a breakdown like this really helped me drown out certain distractions that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

What does your cleaning schedule look like? What works best for you? I’d love to see in the comments the ways you have learned how to prevent household chore overwhelm in your daily life.